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Windows and Doors FAQ 


HPS has listed a number of questions that are frequently asked by our customers, if you find that you have a question and it is not listed below you can go to our contact page and email us a question and we will be happy to get back to you.  

1. How much will it cost to replace my windows and doors?

Every home is different, our windows and doors are tailor made especially for your

home, and we offer a wide range of styles, so we would need to visit your home and

measure up before we could give you an accurate price. Get in touch with our team

today to discuss your requirements. Freephone: 1800 636363


2. What choice of colours do I have to choose from?

HPS Group have a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, to get a better

idea of what we can offer you, download brochure for more details.


3. How secure are your doors?

Security is the most important aspect to choosing the right door for your home. The

doors that HPS Group supply are highly tested to security standards, have strong

hinges for maximum security and they have advanced locking systems.


4. Who provides the dimensions?

The person who is installing the windows can provide the dimensions, however if

you are unsure how to measure for new windows and doors, we can send someone

out to your home. Call 021 451 8370 or 1800 636363 to get a quote or to request a

site survey.


5. What are U- Values?

U- Values is how the industry measures the energy efficiency of PVC windows. U-

Values take in to account all components of the window which includes the glass,

spacer bar and frame. The lower the U-Value the better insulation it provides making

the window more energy efficient.


6. Are your windows & doors energy efficient?

Yes HPS is a green energy construction company, we only install windows and doors

that will help our customers make their homes more energy efficient and also save

money on heating bills. Up to 8 times more heat is lost in homes through windows

and doors compared to walls.


7. What is the guarantee?

HPS Group are very pleased to offer an exclusive 15 year performance guarantee on

all Inliten profile and products, including foil and white laminate colours. And a 10

year guarantee on our Arcadia Composite collection.


8. What type of windows do you supply?

We offer a choice of high quality secure energy efficient uPVC windows, the types of

windows we supply and install are Casement windows, Tilt and Turn, French

Windows and shaped windows. Download brochure for more details.


9. Will HPS Group install our windows and doors?

Yes HPS Group can install and fit your windows and doors, get in touch with our

team today to discuss your requirements. Freephone: 1800 636363


10. Do you have a Showroom?

Yes HPS Group have a Showroom displaying our windows and doors, which is located

at The Boatyard, Church Road, Carrigaline, Cork, Ireland. The Showroom is open

Monday to Saturday. To arrange a viewing, freephone us on 1800 636363.


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