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So what is rainwater harvesting?

Rainwater Harvesting is a system where by you the domestic, commercial or industrial customer collects rainwater from your roof top which would normally flow down a drain, and re-use it as piped water to flush toilets, water your garden, wash down your yard instead of using treated (potable) drinking water.

Why should I buy and install a Rainwater Harvester system?

Water is one of life’s most precious resources and we all have a responsibility to preserve it. Water is becoming a commodity. Installing a rainwater harvesting system will not only reduce your water bills, it will benefit everybody and the environment.

So what do you need to do?

A storage tank is fitted either above ground or more commonly below ground to your storm water drain. When it rains the water flows through a filter, removing leaves and other matter into the storage tank. The storage tank contains a pump which pumps the rainwater into the building where it is piped to the toilets and outside taps.

How much water can a system save and what savings can one expect?

Depending on your normal usage, it can save 30 – 50% of the treated drinking water from the mains in a domestic house. A commercial user can expect to save upwards 80%. Having metered water is the best way to appreciate the difference.

Where can a Rainwater Harvesting System be installed?

A system can be installed on either new or old buildings. The cost is potential greater in an existing building. Most tanks are buried under the ground, but with existing buildings HPS do supply and install storage tanks designed to be above ground. This lessens the installation cost.

How clean is the system?

The rainwater is filtered as it enters the storage tank, to remove organic matter and other particles. In the tank the water is kept in the dark and kept oxygenated to discourage algal growth. A properly designed system should be designed with a calming inlet. This ensures that any sediment at the bottom of the tank does not get stirred up. The system should also be designed to overflow a few times a year to remove any floating matter.

What’s the maintenance like?

The filter should be checked and cleaned every quarter. The only moving components – pump and float switch have a long life.

Do I need a big roof area to make it worthwhile?

The bigger and flatter the roof area, the more rain will be captured, and the more rainwater will substitute mains water. The HPS representative will be able to give you an approximate idea of what you can expect.

What happens when there is no rain?

A properly designed system should allow for several days without rain. When there is a prolonged dry patch, the water level in the tank will fall to a minimum level. The float switch will then open a valve from the normal mains supply and keep the storage tank topped up, until it is filled by rain once again.

What does HPS offer?

We supply and install several different systems. From the time of your initial enquiry right through to completion we take your project every step of the way. We listen to what your needs are and supply a system that meets that criteria. Call for a free no obligations discussion. Let us explain the various options, the installation costs and how you can save money and water.


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