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Cavity Wall Insulation Cork

As much as a third of your heat is lost through the walls of your house.

Cavity wall insulation is a quick, clean and relatively inexpensive way of rectifying the problem. It is the most cost effective way of significantly reducing your energy needs and bills.

What is Cavity Wall Insulation?

Cavity Wall Insulation Cork

Cavity Wall Insulation is a polystyrene bead that is pumped into the cavity in the external brick/block walls of a building. The bead is combined with a water resistant glue that binds it together in the cavity.  The manufacture of the bead and the glue is governed by the NSAI.

Cavity wall insulation is injected into the cavity between the inner and outer leaves of block/ brick work which makes up the external wall of your property. Cavity Wall Insulation (CWI) is not approved for use in timber framed buildings and there may be some limitation on brick exteriors.

How is it installed?

Cavity wall  insulation is installed in a 3 stage application process

Stage One

22mm Holes (size of €1 coin) are drilled in a recommended pattern on your external walls.

Stage Two

HPS Cavity wall installation installers then insert a delivery gun into the holes which pump in the bead and a special adhesive into your cavity.

Stage Three

Each hole is then filled with a coloured mortar to match the existing finish.

How Long Does Installation Take?

A 3 bedroom semi detached house can usually be done in 5/6 hours. The holes are drilled and the insulation is injected from outside the house, so no mess. The qualified HPS crews are specifically trained and equipped to clean up after themselves.

What Product Do We Install?

HPS are fully accredited cavity wall insulation installers of Thermobead cavity wall insulation, an expanded polystyrene bead manufactured in Dungarvan, Co Waterford. 

It is manufactured to strict quality controlled standards to ensure it conforms to NSAI requirements for a lightweight, waterproof, solid and trouble free insulation material.

A product certificate is included as part of the homeowners pack we hand over on the completion of a job.

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